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Corpus Africa: powered by CQPweb
Metadata for Corpus Africa
Corpus name Corpus Africa
CQPweb's short handles for this corpus ca / CA
Total number of corpus texts 3,082
Total words in all corpus texts 3,597,231
Word types in the corpus 119,180
Type:token ratio 0.03 types per token
Text metadata and word-level annotation
The database stores the following information for each text in the corpus: Country
Text type
The primary classification of texts is based on: Country
Words in this corpus are annotated with: lemma
The primary tagging scheme is: pos

03-2011: CRPC v2.0
11-2011: CRPC v2.1 more metadata!
04-2012: CRPC v2.2 sentences and chunked NPs
10-2012: CRPC v2.3 livro and revista divided into técnico/didáctico/litérario in restricted query

12-2012: The Child Corpus
08-2013: The Mozambique Corpus
11-2013: Update to CQPweb v3.0.12

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